BRENDA FREE – Exhibition/New Work, August 5 – September 11, 2022. Brenda Free E-Catalogue 2022

“Having never lost my love of finger painting, I rub, scratch and scribe into layers of acrylic paint on paper. Within my work are hidden images, hints that we know both more and less than we think we do.

Imbedded in my sensibility is a decade of deciphering my world while living on a boat. My eyes, my instincts, even my beliefs of where I thought I’d been or was going were often overruled by instruments.

This layering of past and present, instinct and reality with its associated unease and possibility is what my work explores.

What I do might well be called searchings rather than paintings. Unchecked by instruments, their beginnings hold little idea of their endings, even if when I begin, I think they do.”

Brenda Free July 2022