Materials, fibers, and frequently patinas are often a motivation for my work, but sometimes a single object can drive the piece entirely. Documentation of items, events, people and places are idea that I work with. I am thoughtful about all of these things and by documenting and working with them I find fulfillment. The patinas I am attracted to convey to me a sense of trauma or tragedy and sometimes humor. Working with these items provides them a second chance, usually under different circumstances.

Histories recorded on material surfaces though manufacture, use, wear, and maculation inform the choices I make with my recent assemblage/construction. Fragment oof clothing once beloved or wished-for make their way with other fragments of metal or rubber setting the ground work for relationships and inquiry. Clothing given to me that was once owned by someone I knew is used for portraits. Suggestion of body parts, humor, and identity play supporting roles in all of these pieces. Extending life through this work and documenting repair and re-use reoccur as important themes.

Recent work has included pieces made in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Black Lives matter and the killing of George Floyd”


Dan Dowd, August 2021