CALDBECK will exhibit new work by David Raymond – July 1 -31, 2022. E-Catalogue:Raymond 2022 E-cat


“My images are clusters of small marks – circles, ovals, rectangles, lines – which fragment the white space of the paper. These marks populate larger shapes, compose their space on the paper and activate it.Let’s say that is the physics of the imagery. The larger shapes condition and conditioned by the marks that occupy them.

A primary organizing feature of most of the drawings is an emphasis on borders or perimeters. Perimeters or frames are experienced as expression of identity that may be entries to more minute collections of marks. I suppose one can think of the larger shapes as architectural habitats for the organic elements they contain. In these pieces, forms large and small provoke movement or travel, signaling arrival and departure.

In some drawings there is an erosion or loosening of edges suggesting doubt, hesitancy, uncertainty or release – perhaps an opportunity for considering the concepts of unity.”

David Raymond 2021