Kellogg is one of a number of artists engaged in the search for what can be called a contemporary realism. Like others, he has been deeply influenced by the work of American realists Edward Hopper and Fairfield Porter, and challenged by the impact of photography as an art form, as well as the innovations of the mid-twentieth-century Abstract Expressionists and their aftermath. “Realism has to find a new legitimacy, “ the artist says. “It demonstrates what only painting can do in helping people to see what is around them but with new techniques and innovative approaches.” Kellogg has exhibited in Washington DC, Richmond VA, and Maine, including Gallery 68 in Belfast, the O’Farrell Gallery in Brunswick, and the Nan Mulford Gallery in Rockland. He began working with the Caldbeck Gallery in 2007.  His work is represented in the permanent collections of the Farnsworth Museum and the Portland Museum of Art, MBNA Bank, laws and financial firms in Boston and Washington, and private collections throughout the country. Kellogg was a semi-finalist in the first national competition held by the National Portrait Gallery in 2005-06, joining one hundred finalists from among over four thousand entries. More of Kellogg’s work can be seen at

Kellogg latest work on view at Caldbeck includes “HARDBALL 2020” of which Kellogg writes, “In a contemplative (and quarantined) mood (during which he roughly emulated the posture of Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker), an idea occurred for an allegory of our tumultuous times. Honoring the noted baseball fan, Anthony Fauci, the result is this painting.” July 2020