Jeff Epstein’s paintings explore the intersection of the man-made and natural landscapes, often at night. He is a resident of Cushing, ME and Brooklyn, NY. The unpeopled spaces described in his work usually share indications of human presence yet the pervasive feeling is one of solitude. The geometry of the architecture contrasted with trees and shrubs provide strong compositional elements as well as a frame of reference for the viewer. Sometimes these familiar locations are presented with an emphasis on over-looked details, or “after hours,” inviting us to experience them in a new way, perhaps finding beauty or a hint of menace where none was perceived before.

Epstein earned an MFA from Brooklyn College, studying with Lennart Anderson, Lois Dodd and John Walker. His work has been seen in many solo and group shows in galleries and museums including The Trenton City Museum, The Newark Museum and The Noyes Museum of Art, all of NJ; The National Academy of Design, NY; USSR Artists Union Gallery, Moscow; and the Center for Maine Contemporary Art’s “After Dark” exhibition.

Four new pieces by Epstein appear in the Caldbeck exhibition LANDSCAPE – July 2- 31st, 2021 LANDSCAPE E-Catalogue