“It’s not that I hate straight lines and order. They are just not the main features in my thinking. I like to wander. By wandering, you will probably get lost. Then you figure your way out, learning things you never expect. Curves are more about the indirect, with the organic confronting linear logic.

In grade school we would have rote penmanship exercises, repeatedly copying our names in cursive. The name Osgood does not feature straight lines and I fell into the “loopity loop” exercise. The process seems to have been imprinted on me. I definitely like curves.

I start with an act – be it a mark, a shape, doodle. I prefer learning by the commitment of the act – leading to the next. The narrative is in the series of unfolding actions. It is metaphoric – nothing novel in concept, yet forever new. I enjoy the simplicity of my starting point. I like to doodle. It is 2D mind exploration. In sculpture I have just taken that mindset to 3D”

Tom Osgood 2019