Pinette and Seidl in”OTHERWHERE”, June15 – July 23 2016

Dennis Pinette in "Otherwhere" exhibit

Pho Pa Gallery, Portland, ME, anounces a show with Dennis Pinette, June 15 – july 23, 2016.  “Otherwhere” features new work by two of Maine’s most acclaimed contemporary artists. Dennis Pinette’s graphite on yupo drawings explore the intersection of geometries between the natural and man-made worlds. He works from direct observation, making notes and sketches on site and distilling the work in the studio. The images portray anonymous landscapes such as industrial zones, cut-over land, gravel yards, and fuel depots. To Dennis, these locations reveal evidence of man’s inventive nature and prompt him to incorporate his own inventions in the drawings. Claire Seidl’s silver gelatin, selenium-toned photographs are ethereal in nature, but rooted in real world people, places and natural phenomena. Claire uses the camera to capture what the eye can’t see, recording the passage of time rather than specific moments. What happens over time accumulates on the film and leaves visible traces. Dennis and Claire each use their chosen medium to explore intersections of reality and fiction and address notions of time, past and passing.