Jody Payne’s first exhibition with Caldbeck was 2021’s “LANDSCAPE” Landscape_2021_ecatalog

Payne earned a BFA in 1979 from the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC. She works out of her studio in Cushing, Maine. Suzette McAvoy, former executive director/chief curator at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art says of her work, “There is a terrific immediacy and freshness to (Payne’s) take on the Maine landscape.” Payne describes her process – “It’s like when you are walking out in water and you are deep enough that your feet lift off the bottom, there is moment when you realize you are not fully in control, but to fully explore this new experience you have to let yourself get lost within it”. Her work evokes the restlessness of the natural world, even in its quiet moments, with decisive, informed and especially, felt, mark making.