JOHN SILVERIO studied architecture at Rhode Island School of Design and participated in the European Honors Program in Rome for a year. He also attended the University of Pennsylvania. He had his own architectural practice from 1979 until 2016. His house designs have many of the same progressions as the art. Throughout his life he has painted and in recent years has devoted himself full-time to making paintings and sculpture. His current work is based on geometric studies often employing variation on the Fibonacci Series or the Golden Ratio – stacking and piling forms.

Silverio works in watercolor on rough 300# Fabriano paper, often using wide Japanese brushes, that produce saturated, granular surfaces. His sculptural work is made of  wood, bronze and aluminum. In all formats he searches for qualities that are quiet and harmonious – which Silverio describes as “radiance”.  This he attempts in two dimensions through gradations of values and slight shifts in hues. In three dimensions it is brought about by alternations of solids and voids and of planes and shadows – creating a quality of shimmering or movement in the work – an illusion of growth in the way forms emerge and ascend out of one another.

He has shown his work regularly at Caldbeck and in 2019 had solo shows at the Frank Brockman Gallery in Brunswick and Studio 53 in Boothbay Harbor. He has also exhibited his work at Unity College, the University of Maine Hutchinson Center and the Camden Library. recently he was a guest sculpture at the Maine College of Art, Portland. He is the author of three books on architecture.

June 2020 – Along with work from the main body of Silverio’s studio practice we are pleased to present six watercolors made during the winter of 2020. Silverio writes, “When I’m away from my studio, I often revert back to watercolors. So portable, simple and spontaneous.” Still these images reflect the artist’s focus on balance, geometry and visual harmonies.

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