“As a less-than-graceful, diehard tomboy of a little girl, I had wonderful dreams of dancing…stepping, swirling, bending, twirling….. my art is now that dance. The Tango series, as with all my work, is based on the forms and study of nature. In this case, I found great inspiration in the lines and spaces in the architecture of spider webs. Informed and intrigued by concept and structure, I began my dance – step in, step out, swoop and bend. Each piece is a new dance – moving and turning, bending and stepping – guided by line, charmed by color. Dancing to the last mark.”

Florance’s art is based on a multi-disciplinary approach and her “Eco-centric” vision engages a variety of materials and formats. It has ranged from a large-scale international environmental installation that took her to Sofia, Bulgaria to a community-based environmental art project that connected art and nature for alternative education youths. Her drawings, paintings and printmaking techniques reflect the expression of a deep curiosity about the complex processes of our natural world and the contemplation of the challenging issues surrounding them today. She has exhibited her work internationally in events such as the “Women in Art” exhibition in Beijing, China and the “Global Focus” exhibition in Moscow, Russia. In addition, she has participated in numerous local and regional exhibitions. Her work has been featured in venues such as The Atrium Art Gallery, USM, and the Center for Maine Contemporary Arts, in Rockport. Recent exhbitions include the CWA 86th Annual National Juried Exhibit at the Slater Museum in Norwich CT (Jurors’ Award), the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia exhibiton in Golden, CO and at the Harolow Gallery, 21st Annual Juried exhibiition in Hallowell ME, (Jurors’ Choice Award). Florance’s work can also be seen at kathleenflorancestudio.com